Why Art? In Place of War

May 2nd, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Research | no comments

Today, we’re re-posting a piece written by Ruth Daniel, Co-Director of award winning organisation In Place of War (IPOW), based at The University of Manchester. IPOW works with creativity in sites of conflict through five main strands of work: research, education, production, networks and digital.

I remember having a meeting with a big charity, asking whether they’d help us ship music equipment to a war zone. They said –  that’s not important, we have aid to ship. I would argue that access to resources that enable creativity are important in challenging contexts. Myself and Teresa Bean curated the exhibition below to explore WHY ART? for our work with In Place of War




This post first appeared on Ruth Daniel‘s blog in April 2015. We’re most grateful to her for allowing us to re-post it.

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