Creative Citizens: A Photo Collection – #6

May 1st, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Conference Research | no comments

Last year, photographer Sara Lyndsey captured 25 images of Creative Citizens on location in their communities for our Creative Citizen conference and exhibition. We’re now sharing these fantastic photos along with some information about each of the inspiring subjects.

These people do what they do not because they are paid to but because they want to. Their motivations are diverse – from doing something because they believe it has a social, cultural or economic benefit to the community to more personal motivations such as developing new friendships, learning and gaining skills or because it is something they enjoy.


Catherine Greig is involved in activities in her local area but she also runs a business ‘make:good’ that puts these skills to use in other areas. Her philosophy is that people should be at the heart of change in their neighbourhoods whether that is about big change to the physical environment or changes to activity and street life. She considers herself lucky to be able to spend her time on the creative activities that are her passion. Through this she says she meets interesting people, gets to hear wonderful stories and finds she is constantly amazed by the human spirit.

You can view the whole Creative Citizens: A Photo Collection here.

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