Media, Community and the Creative Citizen

Media, Community and the Creative Citizen is a research council funded project exploring the value of creative citizenship.

Our research is organised in three complementary strands: hyperlocal publishing, community-led design and creative networks. This site tracks progress and welcomes discussion of our work.

Three strands of Research:

Hyperlocal Publishing

Our research strand hypothesises that citizenship practices around Hyperlocal Publishing will be found to generate value in a range of different ways. Read more

Community-Led Design

Community led design is a practice where individual citizens are given the opportunity to engage directly and creatively in the formulation of solutions for their own environment, whether these are physical spaces, build- ings, neighbourhoods or services. Read more

Creative Networks

How does creative citizenship generate value for communities within a changing media landscape and how can this pursuit of value be intensified, propagated and sustained?’ by exploring creative citizenship activities generated within two creative community networks. Read more

Latest Posts from the Blog

Creative Citizens: A Photo Collection – #1

March 27th, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Conference Research | no comments


Last year, photographer Sara Lyndsey captured 25 images of Creative Citizens on location in their communities for our Creative Citizen conference and exhibition. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing these fantastic photos along with some information about each of the subjects. These people do what they do not because they are paid to […]

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Creative Citizens in Greece

March 26th, 2015 by Giota Alevizou in Research | no comments


Over two months have passed since the new Greek government came into power, shedding new light to the nature and future of the Eurozone  Crisis. An unprecedented wave of the international media coverage has followed, with reporting ranging from accounts of the new government’s debt negotiations with European partners, to the new government’s styling options.  Yet there is a fresh air of civic resourcefulness that […]

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Don’t knock it, knit it!

March 25th, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Research | no comments

kkuk logo on purple background

Knitted Knockers was launched in the UK in January 2014 by Joanna Dervisoglu. Starting with a Facebook page, the now Charitable Incorporated Organisation has grown to include a website and an online community of 650 women. Over 90 volunteers provide the materials and skills to knit or crochet breast prostheses for women who’ve undergone mastectomies or […]

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A Crafty Citizen

March 20th, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Creative Networks Research | no comments

Bearwood Handmade Flyer

A few years ago, I formed the group Crafty Muthas with five friends – simply a weekly social for a crafty fix while getting on with the important business of boozing and scoffing cake. Back then, some of us were picking up knitting needles for the first time. Others had been making clothes since their teenage years. […]

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