Media, Community and the Creative Citizen

Media, Community and the Creative Citizen is a research council funded project exploring the value of creative citizenship.

Our research is organised in three complementary strands: hyperlocal publishing, community-led design and creative networks. This site tracks progress and welcomes discussion of our work.

Three strands of Research:

Hyperlocal Publishing

Our research strand hypothesises that citizenship practices around Hyperlocal Publishing will be found to generate value in a range of different ways. Read more

Community-Led Design

Community led design is a practice where individual citizens are given the opportunity to engage directly and creatively in the formulation of solutions for their own environment, whether these are physical spaces, build- ings, neighbourhoods or services. Read more

Creative Networks

How does creative citizenship generate value for communities within a changing media landscape and how can this pursuit of value be intensified, propagated and sustained?’ by exploring creative citizenship activities generated within two creative community networks. Read more

Latest Posts from the Blog

Co-creating the definition of a Creative Citizen using our interactive wall: By Natasha Trotman

November 3rd, 2014 by Dan Lockton in Conference | no comments

By Natasha Trotman The Interactive wall was created as an installation for the Creative Citizens project and featured at the Creative Citizens Conference (at the Royal College of Art) during September. It was created with the purpose of helping visitors explore the value of Creative Citizens within their everyday lives and contribute to the debate. […]

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Co-designing with Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum

October 1st, 2014 by Dan Lockton in Community-led Design | no comments

by Gail Ramster Last year, Creative Citizens researchers at the Royal College of Art worked with Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum (KTNF) to see if we could get more people involved in their Neighbourhood Plan. They had already reached about a 1000 locals using posters, word of mouth and fantastic public engagement events such as stalls […]

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“What are creative citizens?” Perspectives from our conference delegates

September 22nd, 2014 by Jerome Turner in Conference | no comments

Creative Citizens news cafe

The definition and qualities of ‘creative citizens’ are issues we’ve discussed at length during the course of the project, so this was a question I posed to six of the delegates at our Creative Citizens conference last week. Knowing that these were immediate distillations given at the point when I approached people asking for a […]

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Engaging your community through hyperlocal

September 19th, 2014 by Dave Harte in Conference Hyperlocal | no comments

We recently published a new guide for hyperlocal producers to support the ways in which they can engage with the communities they seek to represent. At the Creative Citizens conference on 18 September, Rachel Howells (from Port Talbot Magnet) spoke to one of the guide’s authors, Andy Williams about the publication. Link to download ‘Community […]

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