Media, Community and the Creative Citizen

Come and join us at Britain’s first ‘Creative Citizens’ conference.


The Creative Citizens Conference Programme is now out with more than 30 papers, four great keynotes, a policy forum, and workshops on Value, Knowledge and Global Creative Citizenship. The conference will also launch the findings of a 20 month research project into Creative Citizenship, host a new exhibition and a News Café to keep the discussion rolling.

Royal College of Art, London September 18-19 2014

Media, Community and the Creative Citizen is a research council funded project exploring the value of creative citizenship.

Our research is organised in three complementary strands: hyperlocal publishing, community-led design and creative networks. This site tracks progress and welcomes discussion of our work.

Three strands of Research:

Hyperlocal Publishing

Our research strand hypothesises that citizenship practices around Hyperlocal Publishing will be found to generate value in a range of different ways. Read more

Community-Led Design

Community led design is a practice where individual citizens are given the opportunity to engage directly and creatively in the formulation of solutions for their own environment, whether these are physical spaces, build- ings, neighbourhoods or services. Read more

Creative Networks

How does creative citizenship generate value for communities within a changing media landscape and how can this pursuit of value be intensified, propagated and sustained?’ by exploring creative citizenship activities generated within two creative community networks. Read more

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Community Engagement for Hyperlocal News Producers, A Practical Guide

September 15th, 2014 by Andrew Williams in Hyperlocal Research | no comments

Download a copy of our guide: please click here. There are many guides designed to help marketing professionals use on- and offline engagement strategies to boost sales or improve revenues. There are far fewer written to help those with more altruistic, community- or civic-minded, goals (a notable exception is the short e-book Connected: The power […]

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Creative Citizens Unbound

September 10th, 2014 by Jerome Turner in Research | no comments


This post is by the project’s Principal Investigator, Professor Ian Hargreaves We’re ready to go with the UK’s first Creative Citizens conference, due to take place on September 18/19 at the Royal College of Art in London. This Cardiff-led event will bring together scholars and community activists from all over the world to discuss the […]

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Seeing things differently

July 15th, 2014 by Katerina Alexiou in Community-led Design Research | no comments

GCC Booklet

The first time I visited Goldsmiths Community Centre (GCC) I had trouble finding it. This is odd for a building that has several pretty sizable rooms, including a big hall that can accommodate up to 160 people, a sports cage, several rooms for pre-school learning, a computer suite, and a garden and outdoor play area! […]

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The State of UK Hyperlocal Community News: A Survey

July 7th, 2014 by Andrew Williams in Hyperlocal | no comments

hyperlocal map

A report based on the largest ever survey of UK hyperlocal news producers has been published. In November last year a research team I’m involved with launched a survey of hyperlocal community news producers. We wanted to find out what kinds of news hyperlocal sites produce, what democratic roles their news might play, and how […]

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