Media, Community and the Creative Citizen

Come and join us at Britain’s first ‘Creative Citizens’ conference.

Royal College of Art, London September 18-19 2014

Media, Community and the Creative Citizen is a research council funded project exploring the value of creative citizenship.

Our research is organised in three complementary strands: hyperlocal publishing, community-led design and creative networks. This site tracks progress and welcomes discussion of our work.

Three strands of Research:

Hyperlocal Publishing

Our research strand hypothesises that citizenship practices around Hyperlocal Publishing will be found to generate value in a range of different ways. Read more

Community-Led Design

Community led design is a practice where individual citizens are given the opportunity to engage directly and creatively in the formulation of solutions for their own environment, whether these are physical spaces, build- ings, neighbourhoods or services. Read more

Creative Networks

How does creative citizenship generate value for communities within a changing media landscape and how can this pursuit of value be intensified, propagated and sustained?’ by exploring creative citizenship activities generated within two creative community networks. Read more

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Creative Citizens at the AHRC Creative Economy Showcase

March 19th, 2014 by Dave Harte in Showcase | no comments

From time to time our research team are asked to participate in the AHRC’s Showcase events. At the latest one, the Creative Economy Showcase on March 12th 2014, we managed to get ourselves in front of the roving ‘event amplification’ team. The result is this video where Dave Harte talks us through the project and […]

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Sharing the Exchange Stories

March 6th, 2014 by Tamara Edyta West in Creative Networks Research | no comments

Last week we unveiled our media co-creation project at the Moseley Exchange. In the afternoon we ran a workshop on digital storytelling at the Exchange, followed by an evening reception to showcase the stories, platform and artwork. The workshop explored the Exchange Stories project, the possibilities of digital storytelling for communities, and also discussed relevant […]

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Creative Modalities of Planning

February 7th, 2014 by Giota Alevizou in Community-led Design | no comments

We are pleased to announce the launch of Creative Citizen Sticky World to host virtual tours and interactive consultations on two of the communities we support in the Community-led Design Strand: Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC) and Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum (KTNF). Stickyworld is an online consultation and feedback platform that makes it easier to engage people in effective conversations about visual […]

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New research: How do hyperlocals contribute to local democracy and what do they need?

February 5th, 2014 by Jerome Turner in Hyperlocal | no comments

Collaborative survey asks about hyperlocals’ contribution to the UK media landscape. Survey at this link Hyperlocal publishing and community websites are becoming an increasingly important feature of the UK media landscape, supplementing existing print titles and other local platforms.  In some places they may even be the only form of dedicated media coverage. While the […]

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