Creative Citizens at Connected Communities Showcase, March 2013

February 5th, 2013 by Jerome Turner in Research | no comments

Our Community, Media and the Creative Citizen project is part of a wider programme of AHRC research under the title Connected Communities. On March 12th 2013 AHRC are holding a Connected Communities Showcase event. Full details for attendees are not yet available online but we have recently had some information through from AHRC which we can share:

You will be aware that the AHRC has been organising a major event to celebrate and showcase the significant achievements to date of the Connected Communities programme and launch a range of new projects emerging from recent calls exploring issues such as community heritage, community health and well-being, community engagement and mobilisation, and community environments as well as exploring creative approaches to engaging communities in the co-creation, co-design and co-production of research. Many thanks to those of you who responded to the recent call for expressions of interest to participate in the Showcase through offering posters, stands, break-outs, participatory sessions or a range of other activities.

We are now pleased to confirm that the Connected Communities Showcase will take place on Tuesday 12th March at the Congress Centre in London.  

This high profile event will engage a varied audience of policy makers, local and central government, voluntary sector, community organisations and activists, and other relevant interested groups for example in the cultural, creative and business sectors. We are keen to ensure the event attracts a good mix of potentially interested individuals and would appreciate help from all projects, irrespective of whether they have offered an input to the showcase, in forwarding news about the Showcase.  

Full details of the process for registering interest in attending the Showcase will be circulated shortly along with more details of the day’s activities. In the meantime, do please alert your community and other partners who have an interest in the Connected Communities programme to this forthcoming event and ask them to consider putting the date in diaries. For those unable to attend in person on the day we are also hoping to amplify the reach of the Showcase digitally, so please do look out for more details of this as well.

There is also some information online:

Finally, at our recent research meeting of academics and partners we were joined by George McKay, a Leadership Fellow on the Connected Communities programe, and he told us a little more.

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