Meet the stallholders: Time Union Coventry

June 23rd, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Showcase | no comments

People are attending the Creative Citizens Fair this weekend from all over the country, but it’s fair(!) to say that the West Midlands is very well represented. We’re really pleased that Coventry’s Time Union will be having a stall. Here’s some more info about Time Union for those of you unable to get along to our event.

Time Union offers people a way to share their time and assets, and it’s run on an ethos of reciprocal trust and sharing between members. One member may walk another’s dog for an hour (and earn one time credit), and in return receive an hour’s piano lesson from another member (using that time credit).  One hour always equals one hour, regardless of what is exchanged. Anyone over 18 can join and they have a diverse membership. It’s free (it just costs time!) and flexible, so people can share an hour every week or an hour every 3 months. The things that people choose to share are also very diverse.

Time Union runs alongside another project in Coventry – Food Union – which runs on a similar ethos but is designed to create conversation, community and action surrounding food.  There’s a community garden and communal cooking events such as Soup Discos and skill sharing workshops.

Both projects are based in Coventry (but open to all who may be passing through!) and managed by the Pod, a Coventry City Council service – both a mental health resource and creative hub with a multifaceted remit. A common strand is that all facets either implicitly or explicitly aim to build individual and/or organisational capacity for creativity, innovation and resilience.  Another part of this is facilitating creative experiences – commissioning professional artists from across all genres, and organizing events that are deliberately aimed at affecting societal change, challenging stereotypes, addressing barriers to equality and promoting cohesion.

More info can be found on their websites here and here or by coming along on Saturday and meeting the team themselves.

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