Creative Citizens: A Photo Collection – #4

April 17th, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Conference Research | no comments

Last year, photographer Sara Lyndsey captured 25 images of Creative Citizens on location in their communities for our Creative Citizen conference and exhibition. We’re sharing these fantastic photos along with some information about each of the inspiring subjects.

These people do what they do not because they are paid to but because they want to. Their motivations are diverse – from doing something because they believe it has a social, cultural or economic benefit to the community to more personal motivations such as developing new friendships, learning and gaining skills or because it is something they enjoy.


Wei Ong aka Silent Hobo is a street artist and illustrator. He paints murals either by himself or collaboratively, with or without the help of funding. Wei believes that it is this DIY mentality that has helped Bristol to become the graffiti capital of the UK and he is proud to play a small part in its evolution. Wei believes the graffiti adds colour and makes the city spaces more visually interesting. Nowadays there are street art tours and council backed events celebrating graffiti. Wei does it because he loves it.

You can view the whole Creative Citizens: A Photo Collection here.

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