Creative Citizens: A Photo Collection – #2

April 3rd, 2015 by Jennie Sandford in Conference Research | no comments

Last year, photographer Sara Lyndsey captured 25 images of Creative Citizens on location in their communities for our Creative Citizen conference and exhibition. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing these fantastic photos along with some information about each of the inspiring subjects.

These people do what they do not because they are paid to but because they want to. Their motivations are diverse – from doing something because they believe it has a social, cultural or economic benefit to the community to more personal motivations such as developing new friendships, learning and gaining skills or because it is something they enjoy.


Cleo Lake is Chair of St Paul’s Carnival in Bristol and a dance leader. Having been involved professionally as a dance artist with the Carnival she joined the board in 2012 when the carnival was cancelled causing chaos within the community, in particular the Jamaican community who had the most to lose. Her work with the Carnival has helped her to reconnect with her Jamaican roots, giving her the chance to make good friends and work with older people from the Caribbean. Cleo considers herself creative in terms of her artistic expression and in navigating life’s obstacles.

You can view the whole Creative Citizens: A Photo Collection here.

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