Creative Citizens in Greece

March 26th, 2015 by Giota Alevizou in Research | no comments

Over two months have passed since the new Greek government came into power, shedding new light to the nature and future of the Eurozone  Crisis. An unprecedented wave of the international media coverage has followed, with reporting ranging from accounts of the new government’s debt negotiations with European partners, to the new government’s styling options.  Yet there is a fresh air of civic resourcefulness that has been blowing from Greece. This has been less reported in the media. Austerity has ushered new ecologies of an (alternative) political creativity  and civic agency. A new wave of larger, but also smaller-scale mobilisations as well as grass-roots and solidarity initiatives, has been nurturing a culture that desires social change.


I spoke to creative citizens from several  initiatives and grassroots groups, mainly in Athens, back in September and October last year when I was there with Katerina Alexiou and Theo Zamenopoulos, among others. We organised workshops, conducted interviews and had several discussions with people, as part of a project I lead exploring approaches to civil society and methods around the cultivation of civic capacities. I reflect on these activities on an invited post for the LSE Eurocrises in the Press, entitled, Modalities of Solidarity in Greece.

For more on the project and an superb short film here click: comparative asset mapping

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