Creative Modalities of Planning

February 7th, 2014 by Giota Alevizou in Community-led Design | no comments

We are pleased to announce the launch of Creative Citizen Sticky World to host virtual tours and interactive consultations on two of the communities we support in the Community-led Design Strand: Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC) and Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum (KTNF).

Stickyworld is an online consultation and feedback platform that makes it easier to engage people in effective conversations about visual topics. We have used it as to engage our community groups in co-designing the media platforms that they think may be best in engaging others feedback in their plans.

WCC uses virtual tours of 3D computer generated plans to allow visitors step inside the community proposals for Wards Corner and enter feedback and opinions about the vision and the future proposals about the site.  The alternative plan is a result of years of consultation with the local community. Additional rooms are going to be designed to document assets in invite feedback of how to influence plans of the wider area along Seven Sisters.

The content for  Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum (KTNF) uses open street maps to communicate the 6 policy areas around the official neighbourhood plan set up under the provisions of the Localism Act. It forms a creative way – among others forms of consultation that the community have been engaging with – to express a vision about ways improve the area.


Policy Area in KTNF


Although the sites aim to direct the community of place that are directly affected by the plans, they also  also allow any user to comment directly onto the images by placing a virtual sticky note on the aspects that they consider interesting, exciting or challenging.

I will report on the process of co-production and plans for engagement on a separate blog. For the moment, take a look inside and stick your comments. We welcome ideas and suggestions.


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