10 recommended hyperlocal reads – week commencing 6th May 2013

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UK Stories

1.  ‘Hyperlocal media is coming in from the cold’

This is my review of the last 12 months in UK hyperlocal media for Journalism.co.uk. It covers new research projects from Ofcom and NESTA, as well as this initiative. It also explores trends such as the move to print, expansion by successful publishers and the challenges of implementing proposals for new press regulation.

2.  Destination Local – one year on

NESTA have published a series of blogs from the 10 projects they are funding under the Destination Local umbrella. They’re worth a read: http://www.nesta.org.uk/blogs/destination_local

3.  “Don’t look back to the age of print. It is a short-term fix.”

4.  The State of Blogging in Leeds

Journalism students at Leeds Metropolitan University have put together their top 20 blogs in Leeds in what @johncbaron describes as “an intriguing post” called the State of Blogging in Leeds.

5. SE1 website 15 year’s young

US Stories

6.  Location, Location, Location: Hyper-Local Apps

Mozilla talks about the value of hyperlocal apps over on their blog, saying: “…you don’t have to be an international corporation—that’s the beauty of HTML5 and Firefox OS. If you’re a developer, your only limitations are your imagination—and your goals.”

7.  The rise of mobile advertising

8.  Topix CEO: Hyperlocal Companies Are ‘Staying the Course’

Topix CEO Chris Tolles talks to Street Fight about how the hyperlocal ecosystem is shaking out, how the shift to mobile is affecting publishers’ CPMs, and why the buy side may keep mobile ad formats from becoming more engaging.

9.  Patch.com Dominates Google News Results

According to this article in Search Engine Watch. A study by “Searchmetrics discovered that Google News now makes up 6 percent of all of Google’s universal search integrations.”

10.  Nextdoor featured in the Wall Street Journal

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