Creative Citizens Youtube account, including videos about the project, and each of the three strands of research

Wards Corner Stickyworld
A 3D Virtual Tour to the community plan is the result of the collaboration between the OU and the Wards Corner Community Coalition. The site was created in order to present the community plan for the Wards Corner site in Seven Sisters, London, and invite feedback and comments from local residents and businesses. The results fed into the council’s consultation process for the plan, which received planning permission in 2014.

Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum Stickyworld 
An online version of the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan. This was created in order to engage local residents and businesses in thinking about the future of their community and invite feedback and comments on the ideas to be proposed in the plan.

Goldsmiths Tea Party event videos
2 videos created to capture and disseminate a tea party event at the Goldsmiths Community Centre food place café. The event aimed to raise awareness about various activities by local groups around the theme of health and wellbeing. Here and here.

Out of Hours Hyperlocal videos
15 video recordings of Google+ ‘Hangouts’ that took place in 2013, to engage those hyperlocal practitioners who wanted to network and talk shop, but found it difficult due to time and geography. New relationships were established as a result, and people have fed back that they enjoyed listening to the sessions afterwards.

Exchange Stories – Digital Storytelling platform

Video capturing the making of the Exchange Stories Project

AHRC (2014) Indigo Babies: Behind the Scenes on a Graphic Novel