Booklets and reports


Creative Citizens ‘First Findings’ report, 2014. Available to download.

Lockton, D., Greene, C., Casey, A., Raby, E., & Vickress, A. (Eds.) (2014) Creative Citizens’ Variety Pack: Inspiring digital ideas from community projects, London: Royal College of Art, ISBN 978-1-907342-97-4.
The Creative Citizens’ Variety Pack is a collection of 12 inspirational community projects, all making use of digital tools in creative ways for social benefit, with practical suggestions and advice. From beekeepers to bakers, storytelling to social media, and newspapers to graphic novels, we hope you’ll find something useful here whether you’re currently involved in a community project yourself, are looking for future ideas for your group, or just consider yourself a ‘creative citizen’.

Seeing Things Differently Booklet
This booklet and set of accompanying tools tell the story of the collaboration of the OU team with various groups and individuals active in Goldsmiths Community Centre and surrounding area in Lewisham, South London. It aims to present and celebrate the events and outputs that were co-­‐designed and co-­‐ produced with local stakeholders, but also provide a resource from which other communities can learn and be inspired to design and develop their own projects.

Williams, A., Barnett, S., Harte, D., and Townend, J. (2014) The State of Hyperlocal Community News in the UK: Findings from a survey of practitioners. This report details the findings of the largest ever survey of community journalists anywhere in the world.

Cable, J. and Williams, A. (2014) Community Engagement for Hyperlocal News: A practical guide.
This guide is rooted in the findings of our research with UK community journalists, which showed that many hyperlocal practitioners feel they’d like to be making better use of social media for encouraging community engagement. This bespoke guide, produced in partnership with the Centre for Community Journalism at Cardiff University, is based on 18 interviews with experts in online and offline community engagement.

Bakhshi, H., Hargreaves, I., & Mateos-Garcia, J. (2013) Manifesto for the Creative Economy. Nesta, 2013.