The Creative Citizen Unbound: how social media and DIY culture contribute to civics, democracy, economic wellbeing and creative communities. Edited by Ian Hargreaves and John Hartley (Policy Press, 2016).

Chapter 1: Are you a creative citizen? Ian Hargreaves.

Chapter 2: A problem of knowledge – solved? John Hartley.

Chapter 3: Citizenship and the Creative Economy. Caroline Chapain and Ian Hargreaves.

Chapter 4: Citizenship, Value and Digital Culture. Jonathan Dovey, Emma Agusita, Andrew Williams and Giota Alevizou.

Chapter 5: Varieties of creative citizenship. Theo Zamenopoulos, Katerina Alexiou, Giota Aleviou, Caroline Chapain and Andy Williams.

Chapter 6: From networks to complexity: two case studies. Dave Harte, Jonathan Dovey, Emma Agusita and Theo Zamenopoulos.

Chapter 7: Conversations about co-production. Catherine Greene, Shawn Sobers and Theo Zamenopoulos.

Chapter 8: Asset Mapping and civic creativity. Katerina Alexiou, Theo Zamenopoulos, Giota Alevizou, Catherine Greene, Dan Lockton, Dave Harte, Caroline Chapain and Emma Agusita.

Chapter 9: Civic cultures and modalities of place making. Giota Alevizou, Katerina Alexiou, Theo Zamenopoulos, Dave Harte, Jerome Turner and Shawn Sobers.

Chapter 10: Technology and the creative citizen. Jerome Turner, Dan Lockton and Jon Dovey.

Chapter 11: Reflecting and Unbinding: implications for policy. Ian Hargreaves and John Hartley.

Annexe: the Creative Citizens Debate.