Creative Citizens At It in Bristol

September 26th, 2012 by Jonathan Dovey in Creative Networks | no comments

Screen still from That Time. Photo: South Blessed

We’ve been busy over the summer pushing forward with our project. Emma has completed the primary research with Vince Baidoo of South Blessed in Bristol, we’re setting up our next six interviewees with a focus group to follow and various ideas for the future, around alternate reality gaming and transmedia storytelling.

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Creative Citizens and Creative Subjects

August 28th, 2012 by Jonathan Dovey in Creative Networks | no comments

Cine camera. Photo: Moff, Flickr

In the literature review for Strand Three of this project I wrote about the argument between the celebration of what Pierre Levy first called the ‘collective intelligence’ of networked culture (eg Jenkins, Hartley, Leadbeater) and its ‘free labour as exploitation’ critique (eg Terranova, Andrejevic, Fuchs.) Over the summer I spent some time revisiting Stiegler’s ‘For a New Critique of Political Economy’ (2010) and it prompted some useful ideas for further development.

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Com Me – tools for creative citizens

July 11th, 2012 by Jerome Turner in Creative Networks Hyperlocal | no comments

On 3rd July I attended the launch of two new projects, Community Media Toolkit and Placebooks. Both dealt with issues around computer literacy and how community-based digital media can be deployed in areas of low/no network or wifi coverage. Placebooks comes from Dr Alan Chamberlain’s work at Nottingham University’s Mixed Reality Lab, and presentation slides […]

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