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Creative place-making  Part I: Communicative Ecologies and Asset Mapping within Wards Corner Community Coalition

At the end of April 2014, Wards Corner Community Coalition (WCC) announced that the Planning Department of Haringey Council has been granted planning permission for the Community Plan proposing the restoration of the Wards Corner building. This  has been a contested site and host of a vibrant, indoor, Latin American Market above Seven Sister’s Tube in […]

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Asset Mapping Hyperlocal

Best to have a quick glance at the set of pics of this asset-mapping session on Flickr to give you an idea of what I’m talking about below. Members of the Creative Citizens research team (myself, Jerome Turner and Andy Williams) attended an ‘unconference’ (#TAL13) on Saturday 29 September 2013, staged by our project partners Talk About Local. […]

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Creative Networks: Asset Mapping South Blessed

The Creative Citizens research project has sought to adopt and adapt asset mapping as a cross-thematic methodology to study the value of creative citizenship. The use of this approach was introduced and developed by project researchers examining the value of creative citizenship in the context of community led design (strand 2) and is it is […]

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Developing our Asset Mapping Methodology

Last July we came up with the idea of looking at value in terms of a community project’s assets. These assets can be anything from the skills and time of volunteers, connections with groups and societies, spaces, infrastructure, cultural activities, to links in the local community. Our hypothesis was that the media interventions we will […]

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Community Asset Mapping… and a Jubilee Street Party

In one week’s time, a street in Battersea will celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at a party that my neighbour and I instigated. Last year, the two of us organised a street picnic at a few days’ notice. We made a few cakes, sat in the rain for several hours and met 3 other households. […]

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Book Papers Booklets and Reports Media Blog posts   The Creative Citizen Unbound: how social media and DIY culture contribute to civics, democracy, economic wellbeing and creative communities. Edited by Ian Hargreaves and John Hartley (Policy Press, 2016). Digital social media afford unprecedented opportunities for groups of citizens to collaborate locally and internationally in innovative […]

Creative Citizens in Greece

Over two months have passed since the new Greek government came into power, shedding new light to the nature and future of the Eurozone  Crisis. An unprecedented wave of the international media coverage has followed, with reporting ranging from accounts of the new government’s debt negotiations with European partners, to the new government’s styling options.  Yet there is a fresh air of civic resourcefulness that […]

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Seeing things differently

The first time I visited Goldsmiths Community Centre (GCC) I had trouble finding it. This is odd for a building that has several pretty sizable rooms, including a big hall that can accommodate up to 160 people, a sports cage, several rooms for pre-school learning, a computer suite, and a garden and outdoor play area! […]

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Introducing The Story Machine: Part 1

Friction in integrating digital storytelling into community activities For some community groups, the use of technology and digital media is built into the work they do—for example, the Wards Corner Community Coalition‘s very successful use of Stickyworld and social media to tell their story, integrated into the organisation of a whole range of community events. […]

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Precarious Economies and Creative Citizens

(Author: Jon Dovey) In this reflection I want to respond to Emma’s post above and reflect briefly on my own ‘first pass’ reflections on our Asset Mapping exercise with South Blessed. My headline takeaway from the session was the extreme fragility of the economy of South Blessed contrasted with the powerful networks of solidarity between […]

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