Connected Communities showcase, some findings from our breakout

March 14th, 2013 by Glyn Mottershead in Research | no comments

I really enjoyed the recent AHRC Connected Communities showcase event, especially the chance to meet the people behind some of the 250+ other projects.  When I saw that one of the exhibitors was dragging in bales of straw, I thought we’d got off pretty lightly on the importing kit front.

Voting pad device

We did a break-out session which involved voting pad questions about some of the media issues which (we think) are important for connecting communities.  Not surprisingly, the kind of people (like us) who go to events like this aren’t exactly typical of the population as a whole. Almost everyone in our session said that they watched an hour or less of TV per day, for example, which compares with the four hours per day average (and climbing) figure in the most recent Ofcom Communications Market Report. You’ll be re-assured to know, however, that our audience was nicely ahead of the curve in smart phone ownership (UK level 40 per cent). One of our big challenges this year is to make sense of how involvement in social media is, or maybe is not, adding value to the communities we are studying and enabling them to achieve things they couldn’t so readily achieve before.  That’s right at the heart of our study.

You’ll find the results of our survey at the showcase below.

Survey results / graphs

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