Community Design Exchange

March 1st, 2013 by Katerina Alexiou in Community-led Design | no comments

Part of the aims of our research is to understand community-led design as a creative citizenship activity but also to enable communities to connect and to support each other through various forms of media.

We recently wrote a post for the blog of our community partner The Glass-House Community Led Design, introducing a new social network site that the OU designed in collaboration with the Glass-House and through focus groups with a number of different communities.



We hope that the site (Community Design Exchange) will be a vehicle for capturing and expressing the value of community-led design as this is perceived by the very people who take part in it. We also hope that it will provide a forum for exchanging experiences and learning which can be carried over into future projects.

The stories and the relationships developed through the site can provide a rich source of data for our Creative Citizen project, allowing us to make observations about community-led design at a larger scale, beyond the case studies we carry out with our selected communities.

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