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August 13th, 2012 by Glyn Mottershead in Research | no comments

Our research project started officially on May 1.  Just before that, we had a really excellent opening meeting of the full research team, along with all but one of our partners in Cardiff.

Jonathan and Theo

Since then, the biggest job has been to hammer into shape our research plan for the rest of this year. This has been an interesting exercise, building from the base of our three research strands, on the one hand, whilst building a frame from the top to ensure co-ordination of methods and timescales.

I’m really excited about where we’ve got to.  The issue of how to gauge value in the creative economy (or the cultural sector, if you prefer) is a very hot topic.  Professor Geoff Crossick, who has just stood down as Vice Chancellor of London University, is to lead a new AHRC initiative on this.  I myself am working a day a week this year with Hasan Bakhshi and Juan Mateos Garcia at Nesta, on a new Manifesto for the Creative Economy.

This Creative Citizen Project, funded jointly by AHRC-led Connected Communities programme and the EPSRC’s Digital Economy workstream, will provide some really distinctive information at the level of real communities in our three zones of research: hyperlocal news publishing; community-led design and creative networks. We want to get at not only issues around gauging value, but also work towards practical ideas for generating further value from acts of creative citizenship.

It’s not easy holding such a bustling series of research inquiries together, but we are being greatly assisted in that by the mentorship of my old Cardiff colleague Professor John Hartley.  John has just taken up a new position as Director of the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University in Perth, West Australia. If you haven’t seen it, check out John’s latest book, Digital Futures of Cultural and Media Studies (|Wiley-Blackwell).  John will be joining us in December in Birmingham for our second two-day research team meeting.

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